School Dress Code

School Dress Code

Our school has a school dress code and our students are expected to wear the school uniform.  The uniform is also required to be worn when students are on excursions or representing the school.

Please ensure all articles are clearly marked with your child’s name.

Details of the uniform are as follows:  

  • Tartan dress (short sleeve) or (capped sleeve)
  • Bottle green (taslon) shorts with red stripe / without red stripe
  • Red polo shirt with  striped collar and logo / without logo
  • Bottle green track pants
  • Red school windcheater     – with /without front zip – with /without school logo
  • Broad brimmed hat (green)

Sports Uniform

  • Bottle green (taslon) shorts with red stripe / without red stripe
  • Bottle green sports netball skirt
  • Faction polo shirts (red/green/gold/blue)
  • Sneakers and socks
  • Broad brimmed hat (green)
  • Interschool sporting team members may require long red socks 

For safety reasons, the appropriate footwear is:

  • Covered shoes suitable for physical activity
  • Non-slip
  • Low heeled
  • No thongs, massage sandals, scuffs, coloured fashion shoes, etc.

Uniform Suppliers 
Total Uniforms       Phone: 9965 3101
2B Jenson Street (off NWCH)

Material for uniforms, tartan and green taslon, available at all local fabric shops.

Recycled uniforms are available from the P&C. Please enquire at the school canteen.