Enrolment Policy
As our school is under considerable enrolment pressure, we have been designated as a “Local Intake School”. This means that enrolments will only be accepted for children residing in the school’s designated catchment area. As a general rule, only students residing in the following suburbs are entitled to be enrolled:
·      Mount Tarcoola              ·    Seacrest                           ·    Sovereign Waters
·      Tarcoola Beach               ·    Cape Burney                   ·    Tarcoola Views
·      Wandina                         ·    Ocean Ridge                    ·    Ridgelands         

Please note that Mahomet Flats, Rangeway, Utakarra and Beachlands are not included in our designated intake area.

Application is required each year for students wishing to enrol in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary. Should families have moved out of the designated area then they may not be able to enroll their child in Pre-primary.

For most families enrolments are completed in Term 4 the previous year. If families move from the designated area before the commencement of school then the enrolment may not proceed.

Enrolment Information
“Proof of Address” is required to complete the enrolment of the student.
The information supplied at the time of enrolment must be true and correct. The enrolment of a child may be cancelled if false or misleading information has been provided.
Parents and guardians have an obligation to ensure that the school is informed of any changes to the details provided at the time of enrolment. Please contact the school office if your address/contact details change or complete the change of details form attached to this booklet.

Click on this link for electronic enrolment forms.