Contributions and Charges

CONTRIBUTIONS (Voluntary Contributions & P &C)

Contributions are voluntary and are used by the school to provide materials, services and facilities for the educational program of students.

School and P&C Contributions will be collected at the front office. In Term 1 parents will receive information regarding payment of voluntary contributions requested by the school and approved by the school council. Payment can be made by cheque, cash or credit card, the school does not operate an eftpos or direct deposit facility.


Charges are for the participation of students in events such as excursions, performances, in-term swimming and sporting events. Students cannot participate in these events unless the charges have been paid.

All charges i.e. Interm Swimming, incursions and excursions are to be paid to your child’s class teacher. Parents will receive notification from their child’s class teacher regarding attendance, permission and payment of charge.