2021 Class Structures and Teachers

Kindergarten 1A Monday, Thursday and every second Wednesday Mrs Narelle Hughes,                                              

Mrs Lizi Newman (Wednesday)


Kindergarten 1B Tuesday, Friday and every 2nd Wednesday Mrs Narelle Hughes,                                                           

Mrs Lizi Newman (Wednesday)


Pre Primary Unit 2 Mrs Marina Collins, Mrs Angela Wennekes (Wednesday)


Pre Primary Unit 3 Mrs Andrea Johnston, Mrs Stacey Pearse (Wednesday)


Year 1 Room 10 Miss Nicole Evans


Year 1 Room 12 Mrs Sue Woods


Year 2 Room 9 Mrs Lesley Cohen


Year 2 Room 11 Mrs Trina Jones


Year 3 Room 8 Mrs Karen Batty. Mr Damian Giles (Friday)


Year 3 Room 7 Mrs Dawn Yates


Year 4 Room 6 Mr Fred Liddle, Mr Damian Giles (Wednesday)


Year 4/5 Room 18 Mrs Hayley Walsh


Year 5 Room 17 Mrs Stacey Woodman, Mrs Di Delicata (Wednesday)


Year 6 Room 15 Ms Nic Harrop


Year 6 Room 16 Mrs Judy Nardi, Mrs Di Delicata (Thursday/Friday)


Junior Primary Science Mr Damian Giles


Health and Physical Education Mr Justin Harwood


Digital Technologies Mr Brett Normington


LOTE (Indonesian) Ibu Tiana Purba-Barnard (Monday/Wednesday), Mrs Jane Clarke (Thursday)